Dan Molyneux

Upcoming Workshops:

JAN. 20, 2018 Denmark
Tolne Gjaestgivergaard
Kirkevej 300

JULY 13-17th, 2018
Peters Valley School of Craft
Layton, NJ
5 Day Workshop -
"Form Development
& Soda Firing"

Represented by: On Center Gallery Provincetown, Massachusetts oncentergallery.com

This latest series of work is about reflecting the natural world through geometrical expressionism, a space where the viewer can perceive the work in a personal way while relating on a level beyond language and rationale. Observable geometry is as old as cracking mud, freezing water, cooled lava, astronomy, man-made shelter, alphabets and rune stones. We have a natural affinity and innate ability to relate to elemental form. Every civilization has had a relationship with it represented in script, written music, belief systems, mathematics, science, and mark making. By generating sculptures based on combinations of elemental shapes, my aim is for the sculpture to resonate through both its formal and more universal qualities. My hope is that the work elude definition and at the same time recall a sense of the familiar.