Dan Molyneux  ceramic artist
Meaning oscillates between sign and signifier, the true meaning of anything defers to the subjectivity of our experience and ferocity of our own projections, regardless of intention or capacity to understand. Both the physical and intellectual space between binary opposites intrigues me, the 'in between'. When I plan out a piece I ask myself, “What might the suspension of meaning look like manifested in form? What kind of scenario could I set up to express something that isn’t necessarily rational, yet poignant to every individual’s capacity to create meaning for themselves?” The symbols I choose are informed by my wide breadth of academic and field study- relying on cultural, societal, and political cues. Objects and figurines dispersed on the forms help me highlight the 'in between', that space where the doubts of opposites abide. I do this to highlight the subjectivity of truth, and my sense that any truth may be more intuitive and devoid of concrete definition than many of us are comfortable with.