Dan Molyneux

Bio- Best known for his geometrical expressionist sculpture, Molyneux uses that language to approach the universality of the human experience. Fascinated by the extent geometry communicates, its directness, its simplicity and sudden profound complexity. He came up through apprenticeships in India, China and the US; attending graduate school at UC Berkeley and Bowling Green State. He regularly exhibits his work both nationally and internationally.

"Sculpture can be a method of seeing and working with form as if it operated like language. I envision form as having a code of representation just like alphabets and grammar, numbers and mathematics, notes and music, etc. I refer to elemental form as a system of units with a grammar that represents both the microscopic and macroscopic make-up of the universe, resonating in the psyche precisely because of its universality. Breaking down language and physical phenomena to their most basic elements is how I remind myself that we are all tied to everything around us."